Timiket / Epiphany

Celebrated once a year in January 17-20, this religious holiday commemorates the baptism of Christ. It is the main holiday of the year. It is the most colorful of the Orthodox religion. The whole night is spent in prayers, in the morning, all the Tabots (the replicas of the Arch of Moses) wooden or stone panels consecrated by the bishop, leave the churches, carried in procession to the sound of drums by monks displaying tiaras, multicolored umbrellas and ornate crosses, embroidered copes. The most intense serenity and fervor, the beauty of the liturgical ornaments make this feast, which takes place over two days, an exceptional event. Still according to tradition, Menelik, son of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba, would have brought back to Ethiopia, the tablets of the law of Moses. So that no one can steal the real tables, every church has a copy. So no one can know where the true tables of the law of Moses are.


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Timiket / Epiphany

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