Meskel Festival

Meskel Festival  Meskel Festival  Meskel Festival


Meskel(The Finding Of The True Cross) Festival  (27 September)Now registered with UNESCO as an element of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, Meskel (27 September) commemorates the alleged 4th century discovery of the True Cross on which Jesus was crucified. The centerpiece of this uniquely Ethiopian festival is the burning of a massive conical pyre called a Damera. The largest ceremony takes place in Addis Ababa’s Meskel Square, where hundreds of thousands of people gather to watch the colorfully dressed priests chant, pray and dance. The most historically poignant site to witness Meskel is Aksum’s Cathedral of Maryam Tsion.

Once in a Year Time

  • Only in few areas


Day 1
Sep 27/2018: Demera – Eve ceremony of Meskel festival

You will be met upon arrival and transferred to your hotel. Refresh and begin your sightseeing of Addis with a drive up to mount Entoto for a panoramic view of Addis. Descend down and drive to National museum where you will have a chance to spot the oldest hominids of ‘Lucy’ fossil. Visit and proceed to the Holy Trinity built during the WWII. Then proceed to Meskel Square to attain the most colorful celebration Meskel. The Ge’ez word Meskel literally means Cross in which the celebration day named after. Meskel is the finding of the True Cross. It is celebrated among Christians in Ethiopia. It is marked by burning bone fire and also by religious hymn and different shows organized by youngsters from church school. Later you will be transferred to your hotel.

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Meskel Festival

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