Tes Tour & Car Rent
TES tour & car rent is a full-service tour and travel provider that serves business and leisure clients who require professional, friendly and efficient organization of their outbound and inbound travel &tourism needs. It was founded as a private company in 2012 with business license number “ AA/BO/03/10006019/2005 “  and TIN number 0038126739 which has quickly grown to become a leading company in the region and a major player in the international tourism sector.   Our company is manned with experienced, knowledgeable, multilingual and highly qualified team based on considerable experience combined with youthful enthusiasm and creative spirit, in-depth knowledge of the services we offer and commitment to all aspects of Travel and Tourism Management. To continue offering its customers with a variety of and best possible quality services, our company has and will strive to have excellent cooperation & relationship with several local and international organizations and suppliers worldwide to meet client needs and expectations. TES’s sustainability and practices are directly linked to its employees’ believe in fundamental corporate values to satisfy customers with innovative technology, superior quality, value and friendly services. We have highly skilled professionals for the convenience and quick services for our valuable clients.   We offer a vast range of travel, hotel accommodation, sightseeing, budget packages, excursions and related products throughout Ethiopia. Our aim is to operate a sustainable business practice that is considerate of the environment and energy resource use.   Tes is offering a wide range of distribution of high quality, competitively priced and value added products and services to the travel- market in Ethiopia. We have professional- and specialized business units that best represent our customers’ demands. We provide a complete range of ready-made and tailor-made solutions to all travel market segments including individual travel, business travel; and family holidays.    
“TES has the knowledge, expertise and experience to arrange and deliver all travel & tourism” related requests received from a company, family or individual no matter how big, small or unusual”
  Services to make your travels easier
Tes has the knowledge, expertise and experience to arrange and deliver all travel & tourism related requests received from a company, family or individual no matter how big, mall or unusual are the needs.   Our staff, your travel consultants loves solving puzzles, no matter how many pieces, in order to clearly see the big picture. Our passion comes from managing and analyzing all of the tiny details that embody leisure and corporate travel—from the simplest to the most challenging needs. Among others, we provide our customers with the following services  

  Air tickets to Ethiopia any destination locally    
Hotel or accommodation types booking  
Transfers, Airport meet/greet and farewell, and car rental  
Visas to Ethiopia  
Travel insurance  

Our mission is to persuade every customers to come back Ethiopia and introduce more friends about Ethiopia. To create and provide a total Travel Management Package in terms of providing comprehensive and professionally effective service at minimum cost to the customer, using and utilizing the best available r sources and technology. Also to nature a work culture and environment internally and externally that promotes total commitment and growth, thus becoming the largest and the most reliable Travel Organization in the region setting standards in the industry for professionalism and reliability to the customer.  

Our Vision
To be the First Choice for Clients and Companies. Our personnel are dedicated to learning as much about a destination as possible. We are the type of travelers that come back from a city with an abundance of suggestions for things to do. We can recommend beaches for snorkeling or diving, road trips which will reveal hidden oasis from the norm, restaurants, shopping, stays at choice, sightseeing and anything our clientele are curious about.  

We are a full service travel management company. It is ranked among the top corporate travel providers, serving all the leading companies. Quality services are delivered with the financial strength, experienced teammates, advanced systems and innovations you would expect from a leader. Tes Tour & Car Rent focuses on your requirements and co-ordinates with your staff to provide you total satisfaction. We offer you every service from consolidated travel purchases to regional, national or global support. We understand the business from the ground up and that enables us to serve you better.  

Car Rent
TES, based in Addis Ababa, provides car rental and tour services in Ethiopia. Ethiopia has established itself as a tourist destination and enjoys great demand for leisure activities. In this regard, the company has a reception counter at Bole International Airport, in response to the increasing number of visitors to Ethiopia each year. Since Addis is the political and economic center of Ethiopia, demand is also high for business car rental services in a wide range of sectors, such as government offices, private businesses and commercial establishments. Car lease services have also developed significantly in response to today’s needs. Against this backdrop, TES Car Rent’s yearly performance has improved significantly. The company has maintained its firm position as one of the industry’s top providers of vehicle rental and lease services in Addis Ababa. We own four Coaster 23 seats, two Mini Buses and two Vitz.  
TES CAR RENTAL gained a well-established reputation for its commitment to offer quality, timely and unparalleled customer service. The company has grown and been enriched with a high qualified staff and crew, always aiming at customer satisfaction and the fulfillment of their needs. Since our clientele is diversified, we offer a wide selection of new models starting from small city cars, medium sized, automatic and luxury cars able to satisfy or give mobile solution at any of your professional or private needs. All car models we provide are new and in excellent condition. Due to high quality services we have built a solid foundation of regular customers and continue to grow, adapt and change as necessary to meet your requirements The head office of our car rental company is situated at Bole, Gulf Aziz building B113.  


Details of Contacts
Tes Tour & Car Rent (Tesfaye Tsige Zemedkun)
Phone: +251 91 123 5681            
   +251 93 010 8686              
+251 11 691 0239  
Email : tesfaye.cartour@gmail.com

Location : Bole Gulf Aziz Building                  
  Building # 113                   
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia